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tv   [untitled]    October 30, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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people say i can't do this or i can't do that. everybody. everybody can do something. move this journey along. i'm so happy to be here with all of you. [ applause ] >> the final card that i presently have is from miss eileen hernandez. [ applause ]
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>> it's very hard to follow doris. i have been doing that for a long time. i think this has been a very unique evening because i don't recall ever having this kind of event, discussion how the human rights commission is working. the very facet for many of you who are here have been touched by the human rights commission in one way or another. i could not get out of the room today without saying something about what has happened with women. because what we have seen in this room, i think they can hear me. no, you can't. i hear you, sweetheart. what i was saying,
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what i was most interested by tonight was the differences in this room. how many people who are here would not have been here 50 years ago. what we have begun to do is to recognize that all the issues that we've been talking about touch every single one of us. if we aren't all working together, we will be another 50 years for meetings in this room. so i hope that we will give a lot of help to the human rights commission which came into san francisco unusually and did a lot of work, but there is so much more to do. we have a lot of things that we all need to work towith each other about.
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what i remember is this, i'm a brooklynite and went to the university and graduate school and there we began the fight at howard university. what i was doing 50 years ago was trying to make sure that all of us would come together and that howard university students down in washington d.c. and starting a whole lot of stuff in washington d.c. because that capitol of the united states of the country that we think is the best in the world was totally discriminating in those days. we have made progress and
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made more products as well as projects. what we can call on now is looking on the young ones coming behind us and doing more because we were stuck in so many ways not able to do it. but you are all here. where is the little young mother who was up here? your daughter is charming and i'm glad that we have released women to be part of all of these things as well. thank all of you who are in that. and let's all see each other again not necessarily in this room, but wherever need is necessary. [ applause ] >> seeing no further cards for public comment. madam secretary, would you read the last item. >> the last item on the agenda
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is adjournment. >> hold on a second. >> i would like to say something if possible for public comment. >> please. >> i just thought i would rise to the occasion to the people that spoke. i'm 59 years old. most of the people that spoke today have a rich history of documenting what was taken 20 years or so ago. i'm here to celebrate the situation and mostly everybody is on pins and needles now and wondering if i'm going to say something wrong. i'm here to say something good toin recognition
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of what everybody is doing. i'm 59 years old. i have 3 generations under me. i have children that have children that have children. and that's kind of unique in today's world as a black man. i'm also here to bear witness on what we have going in the last year in 2 or 3 years. the population. i would be remiss to be disturbed to see that theresa sparks is not here although they maybe somewhere else, but nevertheless i do commend these honorees, but tomorrow is another day. day by day, whatever is going on in this city, the big boom, economy is at the top. there is nothing set aside and i'm going to say
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it for the african american black negroes in the budget. i want to record to show that i am here for my children's, children to say that we are still anatomy -- in a state of emergency and hoping we'll move more than we have ever before. we don't have time for era. most of what these people spoke about what they are doing, must add here to that statement. we have no era. congratulations to all and start tomorrow as a brand new day moving forward, thank you. [ applause ] >> final agenda item is
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adjournment. commissioner? >> for the record i would like to say commissioners mark hiller and todd davis were with us from the beginning of the meeting. >> i want to remind folks that in room 201 there are some light fresh refreshments. and thank you all for being here tonight. the meeting is adjourned. >> >>
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